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5 Centre Tournament 122 

This is the first choice of clubs and and the pro archer – this is a heavy duty 122cm target butt with FIVE replacement centres and outer centre.


The Full size Square 5 center target is 1250mm x 1250mm with a 200mm deep centre plug. This target has been tested to support 60 pounds.

On this target, the two-part center plug (500mm x 500mm) is positioned so that you can replace either the Gold Zone (250mm x 250mm) or the Red Zone of a 1220mm target face.

The small white centres are positioned to fit a 4 x 80mm 6 ring target face. The centre (Gold Zone) can be replaced when shot out. 

The round replacement centres come in two sizes being 170mm round x 200mm deep or 170mm round x 240mm deep.

Size : Approximately 1260 x 1260 x 200mm

Weight : 35kg

Tournament 122

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