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Tournament 122

Competition Grade…


5 Centre Tournament 122 

This is the first choice of clubs and and the pro archer – this is a heavy duty 122cm target butt with FIVE replacement centres and outer centre.


The Full size Square 5 center target is 1260mm x 1260mm with a 280mm deep centre plug. This target has been tested to support 60 pounds.

On this target, the two-part center plug (500mm x 500mm) is positioned so that you can replace either the Gold Zone (250mm x 250mm) or the Red Zone of a 1220mm target face.

The small white centres are positioned to fit a 4 x 80mm 6 ring target face. The centre (Gold Zone) can be replaced when shot out. 

The round replacement centres come in two sizes being 170mm round x 200mm deep or 170mm round x 240mm deep.

Size : Approximately 1250 x 1250 x 200 mm

Weight : 35kg

*All centres come in black only, colours are only used for photographic purposes.

5 centre 72.png

Replaceable core

core, ideal for tournaments!

outer core

'Erina Archery Club has exclusively used BCE targets since 2013.  They have proven to be the most durable and cost effective target butt our club has ever used.

I would highly recommend BCE targets to any archery club.'

David Robertson, Vice President, Erina Archery Club


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