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Club 122

The choice of clubs…


Club 122

The most economic solution for clubs and the pro archer – this is a heavy duty 122cm target butt with replacement centre and outer centre.


This is a 3 part target butt and by far our most popular choice because it has a replaceable centre and a replaceable outer centre (red zone) That means the whole target butt will not need replacing.

Made from Memory Foam, this square heavy duty target has a two part replaceable centre. This enables you to just replace the gold zone or just the red zone making it the ideal target for Archery Clubs or any archer who wishes to purchase a long lasting durable full sized target. This target has been tested to support 60 pounds.


The overall size is 1250 x 1250 x 200 mm, making it compliant with World Archery rules.

Weight Approximately 35kg

122 target.png

Replaceable core

outer core

The two part replacement centre butts have really dropped our costs at Warringah. Our compounders are tough on the butt centres – just replacing the inner plug is economical for us.

Waringah Archers


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