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Target Tips…

We recommend that you use an arrow lubricant such as Scorpion Venom while using our targets, especially with bows that have a heavier poundage.

A good quality arrow lubricant makes pulling arrows out easier and that means you will be able to shoot more arrows because you’ll be less tired!

Invest in a good arrow puller. BCE recommends black ones (not coloured) as they seem to last longer!

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How to apply

Put a small amount of lubricant just behind the point on the shaft, all the way around – you may need to press down with the applicator. You don’t need much! Avoid getting lube further up the shaft.

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Retrieve your arrow

The best way is to use a rubber arrow grip. Place one hand on the target, the other hand where the arrow meets the target and pull with a slight twist and straight out. Avoid bending the arrow – especially if it’s aluminium. 

Target Care…


This is a big investment and your target will last years (if you look after it!​)

  • Your target is made from water resistant foam and can be left outside.

  • Your target should be covered when not in use from direct sunlight with 100% UV protection.

  • Your target should not be rolled on its side, bounced along the ground, dropped on its face or dragged.

  • We recommend that you transport your target on a trolley.

  • Our target butts are not designed for broadhead arrows.




Ensure that you​ exercise due diligence at all times regarding safety. Never position your target butt where you might miss it and cause harm to others.

Always check local regulations before shooting your bow at home or anywhere else.

Warranty terms…


BCE Targets offer a 1 year limited warranty on all our products.

The Limited Guarantee covers:

  • Targets that are maintained in strict compliance to the target care instructions.

Guarantee is limited:

  • To replacement of the target only;

  • Workmanship in the construction of the target and not the raw material used in construction of the target.

The Guarantee will not cover:

  • Reasonable wear and tear;

  • Misuse, dropping of target or rolling and bouncing off the target whilst on its side;

  • Accidental damage;

  • Incorrect installation or use;

  • Damage as a result of arrows hitting or penetrating the target;

  • Failure of the target housing material.

  • Damage by broadhead arrows

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